Narrative Report for the On-the-Job Training

by: Sherlyn S. Compedio

(Sherlyn S. Compedio was from TESDA Regional Training  Center, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. She was duty here from December to January)


Since I am a Computer Servicing, I usually have to apply at Computer Servicing Shops. But I decided to apply at institution like Paraclete Christian Academy. And I'm very thankful for the school for giving me a chance to be able to do my on-the-job training (OJT).


During the first day of my duty,. they looked an area for the temporary shop. Some students helped me to clean up the place.


And I started my first System Unit torepair. The System Unit cannot find the Operating system. I tried to change the hard disk drive at four times. But it disappointed me because it did not work. I decided to format the hard disk drive on the other System Unit. And it was successfully installed. I transferred the hard disk dirve into original system unit. Again the system unit did not find the Operating System.


While I was figuring out the solution, my work left undone because the school celebrated their Foundation Day. The faculty and staff had chosen me as one of the judges for the Field Demonstration Contest. That week was indeed a long celebration for the Foundation of School.


And by the next week, I continouslty figured out the solution. It came to my mind what if the IDE connector is the difference. So I tried to change it. Finally it worked. For the simple thing to find what was wrong of the computer. I felt so victorious at that time.


Moreover, my days at that school where I consider a time to me to learn a lot. I continously did the same way. Even if I had a hard time repairing of those computer. I never forget the most important thing "trial and error".


Two of the four system unit that I had repaired had the same problem. It only just needed to clean up. Some other system units have ddifferent problem. One IDE connector had to be changed. And the other one needed to reinstall the operating system.


So I coonected the hard disk drive into the other system unit. I used two Hard Disk Drives at one system unit. Then I copied the selected and important files from hard disk drive that I took from other system unit and savede it into the hard disk drive that I used. After that I removed the hard disk drive I put it back ot original system unit. I started to format and reinstall the operating system. And of course I could not do all that without the help of the supervision of Mr. Demosthenes Agocoy Jr. who's in charge of the Computer Laboratory of the school.


Without my expectation, some teachers approached me to repair their computer. Like Mrs. Corazon Agcopra she asked me for help why her computer was not functioning properly. And I discovered that the only problem of her computer was the power supply. For that, she gave me some compensation, and even if I refused to receive it, because I'm only doing a practicum but she really insisted to give me. I have no choice but to receive it. Mr. Aristotle Caser had also encountered a problem of his Computer. The speaker of his computer did not function. He thought it was his speaker, we tried to use other speaker, and it did not work also, under the advice of Mr. Demosthenes Agocoy Jr. I try to check on the sounds and devices settings. And I found it that the setting of speaker was not properly installed.


For my experience in Paraclete Christian Academy, I am very proud and very thankful for the chance to learn, explore and discover the things that I don't know before. Thank you very much.

Sir Raffy T. Taban


As First Year High School Class Adviser Prepared


Class Adviser First Year – Mt. Zion

Secondary Department


Last June 07, 2010, was the first day of school. Being the Class Adviser of 1st year- Mt. Zion, I handle 34 students of whom came from different public and private elementary schools.

As first teaching assignment, I really found it hard because I and my students were adjusting to each other. As time went by, little by little, I became acquainted with the background of my students personally.

Every morning, I check their attendance and remind them not to be absent. I also check their daily tasks and special areas assigned to them in the first week of class.

I teach Filipino subject in my advisory class every first period in the morning (M-Th). As a young moderator, I use different strategies and varied techniques in my teaching. I organized the Homeroom Parents Teachers and Community’s Association or the so-called HRPTCA in my class. I discussed with them the guidelines, rules and regulations of the school, do’s and don’ts in my class, whereabouts, class schedules and other related school activities based on the school calendar.

Being an adviser, this is not an easy task. It is a tough job that needs perseverance, patience and determination. I experienced this in my class. Even though, they are few only compared to other school, you need also to understand their personal interests when it comes to hardships and personal problems. I always give advice to my class or student whenever they confined about their problems. I talk to them during my vacant time and give remedial classes when needed.

When there are activities in the school, I see to it that all are in order: the presentations, intermission numbers wherein my students participate. I utilized my vacant time just to organize their practice and much of the time I spent financial assistance for their snacks. With this, I am happy because I noticed from time to time that my students need not to be reminded anymore with their tasks as they are committed already with their assignment.

With the help of the Class Officers, discipline and policies in the classroom are well implemented. They are motivated with the appraisal and reprimanding system. Room structuring is done by my students especially our classroom monthly bulletin. Portfolios, formal themes, projects and outputs are kept and displayed in the classroom EMIS. Mini-library for the ready-reference, cleaning facilities and drinking facilities is at the back of the classroom. Medicine Kit and utensils are placed in the Health Corner. Proper ventilation also gives high satisfaction in my class. Garbage and trash cans are emptied everyday and windows are cleaned by damped clothes. These were the daily routine every afternoon after the last period.

Checking of papers, filling-up forms, and other paper works are done in my vacant hours. I always maintain the cleanliness of the classroom and assigned areas with the help of my students. I see to it that every situation is organized.

Until now, I monitor and instil in them the quality education which will make them the matured individual not just with their academic excellence but with their extra-curricular activities as well as their behaviour and character in class.




Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2010 Celebration


Class Adviser First Year – Mt. Zion

Secondary Department


“Sa Pangangalaga sa Wika at Kalikasan, Wagas na Pagmamahal Talagang Kailangan.”


This was the National Theme for the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa Celebration this year.

In connection with the DepEd National Memorandum no. 309, s. 2010 and with the Division Memo no. 3, s. 2010 of Misamis Oriental that mandates all levels in public and private education to celebrate Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa in every school.

Paraclete Christian Academy of Salay, Misamis Oriental enjoined the said celebration. The Filipino Department of both Elementary and Secondary Department of our school thru Filipino Club managed the whole activities. The aim of the activity is to develop the communicative skills and talents, enhance the knowledge in the literature and culture, practice different potentials of the pupils and students, acquire more self confidence, gain high self-esteem, expand the horizon in vocabulary and thinking skills of the students, share talents, give ideas and opinions and make evaluations.

  We successfully launched and opened the celebration on August 02, 2010, Monday at 8:00am at School’s Mini-Stage. There were contests and presentations rendered during the program. Kundiman of Secondary, Katutubong Awit of Elementary and Awit-interpretasyon of Secondary Department graced the opening program. Oath-Taking Ceremony of SAMAGFIL Officers of both Elementary and Secondary students was taken placed also. There was a presentation of Sayaw-Etniko. This was successfully done with the presence of our School Administrator and Director.

There were weekly themes and activities done every Friday afternoon. (See attached copy).

Last August 31, 2010, Tuesday, at 7:30 in the morning was the closing program/culminating activity of our celebration. It was highlighted with the talent and beauty search- Lakan at Lakambini ng Wika 2010 for the Secondary Department and Paligsahan Sa Katutubong-Sayaw for the Elementary Department. Winners and participants in the different activities and contests were recognized and honoured by giving trophies, certificates and merits. The search was judged by Five (5) respectable individuals coming from public and private employed person outside the school. Faculty and staff also rendered intermission number during the program and others were in the different committees assigned with their respective area.

  Pupils, Students, Faculty and Staff wore katutubong- kasuotan during the culminating program. Parents, Guardians and relatives of the contestants in the different contests came to our school to witness the said event. The program and celebration was ended successfully with a smile not just for the moment but for the days to remember. The Filipino Department thanked the individuals: Benefactors, Donors, Administration, Teaching Force and Students who supported the said celebration. 


By Jenny Fe Labial 


During the first day of class, there were 20 pupils enrolled in kinder-2 Psalm having 10 males and 10 females. Since I am new in this profession, I have asked the assistance from our supportive administrator, Mrs. Macarita A. Agocoy  in terms of the guidelines of the school and most importantly the assistance in the school facilities to be used inside the classroom. I had conducted my first Homeroom PTA meeting with my parents and organized the new elected set of Homeroom PTA Officers. During the meeting, I shared to them the following assistance I needed for the classroom and I am grateful for the positive response of the parents.


As the class started, we warmly welcomed the pre-schoolers together with the rest of the teaching force in Paraclete Christian Academy. I started the class by introducing myself to the pupils and oriented them what to do inside the classroom. I had also prepared nametags for each pupil to familiarize their names and letting each one introduced themselves to their classmates. Values integration was imparted in every activity done every session.  During this month I introduced activities with fun and less stressful for the kids. I had focused on the auditory discrimination such as : Identifying sounds produced by different animals in the environment. Identifying sounds produced by different objects, distinguishing similar from dissimilar sounds. Visual discrimination such as: Identifying the letter that represents the sound heard,  vowels, consonant sounds, identifying pictures that rhymes and words that rhyme.


Moreover, I had attended every teaching conferences conducted by our school administrator  Mrs. Macarita Agocoy, and our school director Rev. Demosthenes Agocoy Sr.




By Jenny Fe Labial


For this month, I continuously followed the pre-school book as a guide in teaching the daily lesson. I always tried my best to integrate values in every classroom activities we had. I introduced the different courteous expressions and greetings for the pupils to be familiarized with. Moreover, enable to promote obedience I had also integrated games in my lessons for the pupils to learn on how to follow directions and that can also developed their gross motor skills.


July is a Nutrition Month, hence I had also introduced to my pupils the nutritional values of food and the proper way on how to be healthy such as eating the fruits and vegetables, drinking milk everyday, sleeping early and do exercise daily. I also informed them the foods that should not be eaten like junk foods, too much sweet like candies and chocolates. I never failed to teach them on how to be clean and neat, by taking a bath, trimming the hair and nails, wearing clean clothes, washing hands before eating and brushing their teeth regularly.


Part of the social learning of the child, the pupils actively participated the drawing and coloring contest, as well as the eating contest. The pre-schoolers patiently participate during  the contest and even tried to eat healthy foods which they don’t like in order for them to win the said contest.


We also had a contest, the search for Mr. and Ms. Healthy Child 2010. In this activity, all the pupils in pre-school department joined the said contest, we had the winners of Most Healthy Eyes, Most Healthy Teeth, Most Healthy Body, Most Healthy Skin and the Most Healthy Child. The winners were Zia Frama Carang-carang of kinder one and Juan Gabriel Cagang of Nursery.


We had also participated in the town parade. We made the presentation colorful through wearing their caps with cut outs drawings of fruits and vegetables.




By Jenny Fe Labial


For the month of September, the pupils were always ignited to learn and to listen in every class discussion. They were always excited to learn every letters in the alphabet. They were very curios how each letter was written. In this month I conducted several writing exercises that help sthem develop their gross motor skills such as scribbling and coloring were they enjoyed the most.


The focus of my lesson for this month are recognizing consonants, patterns, things around us and writing the alphabets.


When my pupils started to write letters with simple stokes, I introduced the letter first through presenting the letter to them and its sound. Before the writing activity on their books, I let them draw the letter in the air followed by asking each pupil to come in front and follow me in writing specific letter. I always devote myself in assisting every pupil in their individual writing activity, most especially for the pupils who hardly hold the pencil.


It is my fervent desire to keep the interest of my pupils to be able to write their complete names by their own.




By Jenny Fe Labial


October is indeed a universal children’s month, it is said that the children is the hope of our fatherland, therefore we need to give much importance to our beloved children.


The Paraclete Christian Academy administration decided to have a search for Little Mr. and Ms. Universe 2010 with the theme: kung Bright Child ang Gusto Mo, Mundo’y Ingatan Mo. It is done yearly here in this institution. This is the highlight activity for the pre-school department. In this momentous event, all the pre-schoolers were participants. They represent different countries with different colorful costumes. They also have their production number, talent competition and question and answer portion.


The top ten countries during the said program were Brazil, Argentina, Japan, England, Brunei, China, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden and France. Jeyhozaphat Rejas of kinder-2 and Zia Frama Carang-carang of kinder-1 were crowned as Little Mr. and Ms. Universe 2010. They were also awarded as the Best in talent during the activity.